Thursday, January 20, 2011

Special: Pizza Seasoning Blend

This MAKES any pizza! Sprinkle it on any pizza to add some incredible flavor. I got this recipe from a dear friend in hawaii. Knowing that I like to cook, one day she asked if I wanted some herbs. Since the price of herbs in hawaii is quite expensive I was glad to accept. A few days later she brought two grocery bags full of assorted herbs to my door. With wide eyes I asked if she was sure she could spare so much. "I bought online and instead of buying what I thought were ounces, I accidentally bought by the pound." So instead of buying 5 ounces of oregano she got 5 lbs. This incredible blend was one of her delicious ways of making the most of her order. I, for one, am grateful for her tasty mistake!

Pizza Seasoning Blend
2 tb onion flakes
2 tb dried bell pepper
1 tb basil
1 tb garlic powder
1 tb oregano
1 tb rosemary
1/2 tb anise seed

Put everything together in a food processor and pulse a few times. You can make up a bunch of this and store it in a Ziploc in your fridge.

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