Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 23: Fondue

I love learning the history of food and I found this one particularly interesting. The saying goes that if you lose your food in the fondue pot then, as a consolation, you can kiss the person to your left. Be careful who you sit by! If this makes you a bit hesitant you better read up on your "fondue etiquette" just to be safe. You may even want to have a lesson for your guests before hand. Matthew often tells me that his first experience with fondue was on a date at one of the fondue restaurants where he spent over $100 on dinner. I don't know who the girl was but I'd love to ask her how she did it! This recipe won't cost you near as much and you'll probably still get a kiss at the end of the night.

Easy Fondue
vegan cheese
vegetable broth
1 loaf of bread cubed
fresh broccoli steamed
fresh cauliflower steamed
cooked carrot
steamed mushrooms

In your adorable rice cooker, place your vegan cheese, adding the vegetable broth a little at a time till it is a creamy consistency. You can serve the fondue from the rice cooker right at the table. On a platter, serve all the other items cut into bite size portions.

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