Thursday, January 20, 2011

Special: Meat Crumbles

As you know, the other night was nachooooo night. The taste buds were prepared and waiting for dinner all day and, as any woman knows, and any man should know about women....when you have a craving, you must obey. So, I pulled out all the fixings and, to my lentils. Yes, I know, how could this be? I was shocked and confused. I couldn't bring myself to have nachos with no "meatyness." And, with my taste buds already salivating for nachos there was no telling them no.

I was just about to send my husband out in a cyclone warning, torrential rain storm to retrieve said lentils from the only store on the island that sells them, but then genius struck. I had read about vegan meat crumbles in my research and decided to give it a go. I pulled out the left over leftover meatloaf that I was saving for meatloaf sandwiches, put some oil in a sauce pan and when the oil was hot I crumbled it in. It crumbled so very well. I added some taco seasoning, put them on the nachos and presented them to Matthew. They tasted just like meaty, honest to goodness nachos. My taste buds were very pleased! So, yet again, the best recipes come serendipitously! I am excited to try these in other dishes that call for ground beef or the like. I'll keep ya posted. Here is the recipe in case some people skip to the end.

"Meat" Crumbles
leftover meatloaf
seasonings (e.g. taco, gravy, etc.)

Heat up oil on the stove in a sauce pan. When the oil is hot crumble in the meatloaf. Be very careful, the oil will spit! Coat with the oil and cook till brown and crumbly. Serve as you would ground beef. It's AMAZING on Nachooos!

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