Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 94: Relief Society Chicken Salad

All growing up my mom made this chicken Salad but this is how she made it -
9 bags shell macaroni
10 lbs red apples
10 lbs red grapes
1 gallon mayo
1 gallon coleslaw dressing....
ya get the picture. My mom seems to only be able to cook for a crowed. But since we all LOVED her cooking we didn't seem to mind. In fact we only complained if there weren't left overs! My mom made this for many a Relief Society luncheon and soon after we saw mock recipies all over the place. Some made them with maccaroni instead of shell noodles (shell works best because it holds the sauce.) Some put cabbage in it....I don't think I want to think about that. But non made them as scrumptious as MY moms! So here is my FAVORITE chicken salad recipe - minus the chicken of coarse.

Pasta Fruit Salad
1 bag shell pasta cooked
1 can chuncked pinapple
3 red apples cubbed
1 lb red grapes
2 c celery diced
1 can chopped water chesnuts

Drain the pinapple and coat the apples so they don't go brown and save the juice. Mix everything together and chill.

2 c vegan-aise
1 drops ginger essential oils or chopped candied ginger
onion salt to taste
apple cider vinegar to taste (about 1 1/2 tb)
agave or other sweetener to taste
left over pinapple juice

Mix everything together and let chill. This is great to make a day ahead so all the flavors can meld. Serve with mandrin oranges and cashews on top. Welcome to heaven!


  1. Haven't tried the recipe yet but love the writing style. Have you thought about publishing this in book form?

  2. Thanks Anonymous & Luxury Hotels - I hope you enjoy it! We love this recipe around our place. I have thought of printing out my recipies for personal use but I never thought of printing it for others - thanks for the idea. Maybe once I actually get to 365 I'll do it but I'll have to get there first :)
    Thanks again!

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    1. oh, and the next time you're in St. George we need to meet!