Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 14: Pepper Sandwiches

I'll admit, as a kid I had very odd tastes. When we'd go to McDonald's there was no happy meal for me! I ordered the fillet o'fish or a salad. When asked where I wanted to eat it was Sweet Tomatoes (a salad bar) or Long John Silvers. Forget Chucky cheese. That rat always freaked me out anyway, (what does a rat have to do with pizza anyway?) Yes, I suppose I was destined to be a vegan from the start.

With this information, It will come as no surprise that one of my favorite sandwiches as a child was this pepper sandwich. My grandmother introduced me to these when I was young and I have adored them ever since. I find the sesame oil to be key. I've tried other oils in this and they just never turn out as good. I warn you, these are a bit messy - not first date material. But I suppose that was another reason I enjoyed them so much as a kid.

Pepper Sandwiches
1 bell pepper per person (try different colors. It makes it a really beautiful dish)
1 onion sliced
sesame oil

In a pan, saute the sliced bell peppers and onion in the sesame oil. At the very last, just before serving, put the rolls in the pan and cover with the lid. This will crisp the bottom and make them warm and soft. Be careful not to leave them in to long or they will go soggy. Serve the peppers on the rolls. Try adding different vegan salad dressings.

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