Friday, January 24, 2014

Vegan Potato Cheese Soup

So, my crazy awesome family, like most of you, has taken the new year to mean that THIS YEAR will be the year that I look great, eat right, and get that fabulous body that I've been dreaming of….Just like last year! Each side of my family has chosen different ways to accomplish this goal.

 My side has started a FB page and we're shearing recipes. So far my mom is posting whohash….which is a decadent version of funeral potatoes. My brother has posted Garlic Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes. While both are scrumptious, something tells me we're not going to meet our goal this year either. I dunno…just a hunch. There are some other awesome recipes on there so check it out anyways (cooking with the monsons). 

My In-laws have taken the motivational rout. They have started a competition to loose fat and gain muscle and everyone who meets their goal gets to go to hawaii….at their own expense. While the winner…still don't know how the winner is determined if everyone meets their goal…hmmm…anyway, they get their way paid. 

Hubby and I are not participating since he has to gain weight ….pour fellow, And I'm trying a more of a love my self as I love my neighbor kind of goal. 

Anyway, long story even longer….We were trying to make over some recipes to be more body friendly and my AMAZING sister in law suggested potato cheese soup. I tried it out on some family and they licked the bowl clean..seriously, there wasn't a bite left. 

Here's hopen you like it as much as they did and you have better luck with you're new years resolutions then we're having.

Vegan Potato Cheese soup

5 potatoes
5 stalks celery
5 Large carrots
1 onion
1 c cashews
1 zucchini
nutritional yeast
onion salt

Cube and cook the potatoes, celery, carrots and onions in water till tender (I do it for about 7 min in the pressure cooker). Place half of the cooked veggies in the vitamix....oh sorry, the blendtec with the cashews, raw zucchini, nutritional yeast (about 1/2 C). Add just enough vegetable broth to blend. Blend till creamy. With the remaining vegetables, drain, slightly mash, then return the blended mixture and stir. Add salt, pepper, onion salt, and nutmeg to taste. Add more cashews and nutritional yeast for a cheesier taste.