Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 11: Sandwiches

Sometimes you just need something simple that you can throw together and go. Since spring has sprung it's now time for picnics and getting out in the fresh air. Matthew and I love this time of year. Even though it has been spring for us for the last 25 months, our bio clocks still let us know when it should be spring. We get itching to explore, have picnics, and go to the park for games and walks.

Last week we got that itching feeling and invited some friends to join us. One of Matthew's favorite games to bring people together for good banter is croquet. He even got in with some hard core guys in Laie that had their own hand made mallets.

We thought this would be the perfect occasion to purchase our own set. So, we went to the one store on the island that could possible have them and to our sarcastic surprise, they didn't even know what it was, let alone have one to buy. As we walked through the store downcast and tearful we passed by the sale rack that had plungers on sale. I would not be my grandmothers granddaughter if a lite did not spark and my imagination started to run wild.

We got a few looks as we put a half dozen plungers in our cart but we were too busy imagining all the fun that awaited us to pay them any heed. We gathered inflatable beach balls, metal wire and bottled water as we headed to the park for some good clean fun.

No park excursion would be complete without a picnic. These recipes will hopefully get you out of the house and out to the park to enjoy some enriching recreational activities.

Week 10
Monday: Fish Fillet Sandwich
Tuesday: Fruity Salad Sandwich
Wednesday: Greek Sandwich
Thursday: BLT's
Friday: Cucumber Sandwiches
Saturday: Eggplant Sandwich
Sunday: Vegan Chick Fillet

Shopping List
red onion
garbanzo beans
1 apple
green onion
1 can pineapple
sunflower seeds
small white lima beans
wheat bread
liquid smoke
soy sauce
vegan egg roll wrappers

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