Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 8 - Healthy it ain't

Alright - great- so now you've done it. What did I say? What did I say? I told you that when I eat soy I get a little hormonal - right? I told you didn't I? So look what we have now....this is just great. So now I'm a bit on the edge and craving chocolate. So, this is what you get. Here is a week of chocolate. And if I hear one word about...that's not dinner or that's not healthy or whatever....we'll its dinner at my house this week so just get over it.....sheesh!

Monday: chocolate pudding
Tuesday: chocolate brownies
Wednesday: chocolate cake
Thursday: chocolate chip cookies
Friday: chocolate macadamia truffles
Saturday: chocolate sum yums
Sunday: chocolate hormonal bark - my bark is worse then my bite :)

Surprisingly, a lot of the chocolate at the store is naturally vegan but be sure to check the label. Another great alternative is cacao but the equivalent is a bit different and you may need to add a bit more sweetener but the health benefits are well worth the switch.

Shopping list
chocolate.....lots and lots of chocolate - cocoa or cacao powder
vegan milk...your choice
tapioca starch
vanilla extract
sugar or sweetener of your choice
wheat pastry flour
regular pastry flour
baking soda
canola oil
coconut milk
egg roll wraps
1 bunch bananas
shredded coconut

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