Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 67: Pesto

The other night I had some basil to use up so I googled basil and ran with it. This is what I got. I'm really shocked that I don't use pesto more. It is so incredibly yummy and so elegant that I guess I'm intimidated. Something that delicious has got to take a lot of time and effort....wrongo! I can't believe how incredibly easy this is. More and more I find that the most delicious foods can be described as "simple elegance." They are easy with not a lot of ingredients and require very little effort. No more $6 pesto from the store!


1 handful basil
soaked nuts (most people use pine nuts but Matthew is allergic so I use soaked almonds unless I want to watch him scratch his tongue all night)
1 clove of garlic

In a blender begin to blend everything except the EVOO. Once everything is pureed slowly add in the EVOO till it's a creamy sauce.

I find that pesto goes great on EVERYTHING!


  1. This sounds so good too! Did you just happen to have soaked almonds around? How long must a nut soak in order to be labeled "soaked"?

  2. Yes, I just happened to have a soaked nut laying around...Matthew had been in the bath for about an hour!JK....We LOVE soaked almonds. we throw them in salads and cereal and stuff. I put some to soak the night before but a couple of hours will work...they won't go prunny if they're in to long...which leads to another question, why don't pruns go prunny if they soak to long?