Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 70: Brown Gravy

Brown gravy can be a tricky thing for vegans. You want the flavor but not all the ingredients that bring the flavor. Kind of like having your mother come and stay with you. You love that she comes, watches the kids, cooks, and cleans, but kind of get annoyed at the stuff she brings with her. ya, gravy is like that. But, this gravy can fix all that.....not your mother issues, the flavor problem. This is super easy to whip up without all the hassle and won't leave you bloated and irritated....take that as you will.

Vegan Brown Gravy

basic white sauce
vegan beef or vegetable broth
dried parsley
kitchen bouquet
garlic powder
onion powder

Just how I like it, throw everything into your food processor and give it a whirl. You're probably wondering why there are no measurements. This time everything is according to taste so be sure to test it often. It also depends on how much basic white sauce you are using so trust your pallet on this one.

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  1. You have mother issues? Hmmm this is news to me. What issues? Does it have anything to do with the "Our Lady of the Perpetual Gravy Church"?