Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 48: Musubies - Spam Sushi

The other day I left all my research up on the computer when Matthew came in to use it. From the other room I hear " um...hey hon - what's all this stuff about satan?" I must admit, I was a bit taken back. I thought for a moment and realized. " ah, it's pronounced se-tahn" Matthew was confused but relieved.

When I first started researching seitan I thought, "no way, anything pronounced satan can not be good and must be avoided at all costs." But now I know it's called that because it's so tempting!

Seitan is basically vital wheat gluten but Seitan sounds so much more rebellious and on the edge. My adventures with it have been less then successful, except when it comes to vegan spam.

Now, I know you're asking yourself, why would you want to eat something who's name sounds like satan and, if you're going to go vegan and take the time to make faux meat why on earth would you spend the time on SPAM? well, I'll tell you - MUSUBIES! I haven't met one I didn't love or met anyone else who didn't love them either. In fact, when I was doing research on vegan spam (yes, there are others like me out there) all of them wanted to make spam for the purpose of filling their musubie craving! One lady even made it with peanut butter in the shape of a can. That's so cool! I'm a little less adventurous.
In a state where seven million cans of spam are consumed every year (that's an average of 16 cans per person per year) and they even have a spam festival to celebrate this celebrity meat, "it wouldn't, it couldn't, it musn't, it wouldn't" be poly week without musubie.....

Vegan Spam
1/4 cup cooked pasta
1/4 c cooked rice
1/4 c oats
1/4 c soy sauce
1 bullion cube
1 tsp salt
1/2 c chopped celery
1/4 -1/2 c vital wheat gluten
1 tb water

Start a large pot of boiling water. In the food processor blend the pasta and celery with enough water to make it smooth. In a large bowl mush the rice with a fork till it's um, mushy. Now add everything else, adding the vital wheat gluten at the last. Now form your dough into a loaf and wrap it in tin foil. Add the tablespoon of water, wrap it up and put it in the pot of boiling water. Cover with a lid. The spam is finished when it has expanded to fill the tin foil (about 40 min).

Musubiescooked rice
vegan spam
nori, or seaweed paper
Slice your vegan spam about 1/4 an inch thick. Saute it in a pan with EVOO till both sides are brown. Make a ball out of the cooked rice (having wet hands helps to keep the rice from sticking to you) keep kneading it till it sticks together. Place the spam on top of the rice and wrap in nori. This makes for a great portable lunch, just wrap in plastic wrap and go.


  1. wait, I don't understand the last part of the instructions. I form the loaf, wrap it in tin foil, then add the 1 TB to WHAT? It's already wrapped?! I'm not boiling it in 1 TB of water, obviously. Also, how can the spam expand to fill the tin foil, when it's already wrapped?

  2. Hi Nicole & Tommy -

    I am SO sorry it has taken so long to get back to ya'll. I'm sure you've already made the spam and it turned out great. The table spoon of water goes in the foil with the loaf to keep it moist. I find if I don't add the water it comes out dry and rubbery. I thought the same thing about the spam expanding in the foil but you should see a difference as it expands. Let me know how it turns out!