Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 64: White Sauce/Alfredo

The other day I needed a white sauce for a new casserole I was concocting - recipe to follow - and Matthew got all excited when I started cooking the beans. Matthew always gets excited when I start cooking beans. He came into our kitchen, which is finished being remodeled by the way!!!, and with a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye said, "ohh, are we having soup?"
"No" I replied
"oh, a bean salad"
"oh no, are you concocting?"
His smile left the kitchen faster than he did. At dinner as he sat eyeing everything looking for his much anticipated beans they were no where to be he thought. He ate his dinner and it was only after he had raved about the "fish" and white sauce that I told him where the beans were. Now he insists it be put on the list.
You may think that a sauce based on beans would be, well, beany but it's not. If fact you can't taste the beans at all and the consistency is so beautifully creamy you'd swear it was fat and flour based. So give this a whirl in place of your white sauce. It offers protein instead of fat and works up faster than any white sauce I've ever made, no whisking....and no lumps!

Basic White Sauce
1 c cooked small white lima beans
1 clove garlic
1 tb evoo
salt to taste

Place everything in your food processor and puree till creamy. Serve hot. This basic white sauce can be transformed into many different kinds of sauces eg: hollandaise, Alfredo, gravy to follow

Alfredo Sauce

Basic white sauce from above
vegetable broth
garlic powder
white vinegar

To make this an Alfredo sauce just add vegetable broth till it is the consistency you are looking for, then add garlic and vinegar to taste.

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