Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 37: Goulash

At our house we always had goulash over egg noodles. They just seemed to be a perfect fit. After Matthew and I had been married for a few years we were at my mother-in-laws house and Matthew suggested I cook dinner. I immediately gave him a look that could kill, but Matthew being the dear that he is just smiled and left me and my mother-in-law in the kitchen to do our thing.

My mother-in-law is an incredible cook. And honestly I'm quite intimidated by her mad cooking skills. In fact, the first time I cooked for Matthew was for our engagement party; I was making potato salad and Matthew came into the kitchen and said, "here, let me show you how my mom makes it." He quickly learned the error of his ways, smiled and left the kitchen.

Being left alone in the kitchen to make dinner with my mother-in-law put me on my toes. She made this killer goulash and put it over mashed potatoes. It was like she made it out of thin air (I hope it has the same calorie count). The kitchen was spotless by the time dinner was done. The food was filling and elegant and it left me even more intimidated than before to cook with mom. Fears aside, it would be a crime for me to deny you of this delectable recipe - done up vegan style.

Vegan Goulash

leftover mushroom bisque
sauteed mushrooms
garlic powder
cooked noodles or mashed potatoes (ex: eggless egg noodles, penni pasta, macaroni)

In a deep sauce pan cover the noodles with the mushroom and mushroom bisque. Add garlic, salt, and pepper to taste. Serve with the vegan meat crumbles over the top.

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