Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 38: Angel Hair with Mushroom and Artichoke Hearts

I LOVE this recipe. There is a fantastic restaurant in St. George called The Pizza & Pasta Factory that has a killer chicken Alfredo. This is an affordable knock-off of that since theirs is about $13 a plate and I can feed the whole family for about $8. It's super easy and super yum!

Angel Hair with Mushroom & Artichoke Hearts
1 lb cooked angel hair pasta
1 can or pkg mushrooms
1 jar artichoke hearts
vegetable broth
garlic powder
1-2 tb vinegar

In a large sauce pan heat the cheese and enough broth to make it a creamy Alfredo sauce. Add salt, garlic, and vinegar to taste. It should have a nice tang to it and taste like Alfredo. Add the pasta, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts and toss together. Heat everything together till warmed through.

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