Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42: Stuffed Zucchini

I'm sure you've all heard the joke: On a mans first day at church in a new town one brother came up and introduced himself. The two men had a nice chat and as the conversation ended the one brother said to the other, "be sure you lock your car." The new brother thought this was an odd comment, this was a church for goodness sake, why would he need to lock his car. But, as he left the church and went to his car he found the reason, his car was full of zucchinis

Ya, lame joke. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that one, especially at harvest time! But it makes the point...sort of.

Zucchinis are so great and one plant can usually produce a lot! They can be served salty, sweet, sliced, diced or shredded. They are like the tofu of the veggie world. They'll go with pretty much everything and you usually have enough to go with everything. So enjoy this zucchini recipe, there will be plenty more to come.

Stuffed Zucchini
1 large zucchini
vegan stuffing
chopped mushrooms
chopped cabbage
vegan cheese sauce
vegetable broth

Carefully slice the zucchini in half length wise. Core out the middle. Mix the cheese sauce and broth till creamy. Mix together the stuffing, mushrooms, and cabbage. Spoon in the stuffing mixture to both sides of the zucchini till it's overflowing. Squish the two halves back together, wrap in foil and bake in the oven on 350 till you can insert a knife easily. Separate and let bake another 10-15 minutes. Drizzle with cheese sauce.

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  1. I was introduced to your blog today... by a friend who recommended I take a look. I too am LDS and have been thinking about going a more vegetarian route. I am not brave enough to go completely vegetarian or (yikes) vegan yet (i love my ben and jerry's and beef jerky too much right now).
    Thanks for this post. It is not often that I find LDS folk who want to be vegan because of WOW purposes and not because its the "cool" thing or the "I'm not going to conform to what my parents think my religion is" thing. Thanks for the post! I will keep reading your blog!