Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You're Vegan?!?

Lately we've got a lot of questions from family and friends asking why we went vegan. Honestly, the one thing that has been keeping us from going vegan before is the social aspect that food plays in our lives. Like others who strive for a healthy lifestyle, we find that our diet opens us up to mocking. Why is it that living a healthy life is something that society ridicules you for? Why is the SAD (standard American diet), the norm and a diet that is good for your bodies on the fringe? If you can't tell by now, our family (like most I suppose) is the kind that lives to eat which makes food the center of attention and since food is an emotional thing it can be a touchy subject.

Many ask if we're going to stay vegan once our food options improve and expand when we go home. To answer this I say HECK YA! I tried to explain it to my persistent mother this way....we did this for religious reasons but we don't live it religiously. As Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we follow a health code referred to as "the word of wisdom." In a family home evening we read, studied and decided we were going to try and live it to the best of our understanding; and to test the promise - to paraphrase - to run and not be tired, to walk and not faint and gain knowledge.
Without going too much into detail, Matthew and I can both say that as we have been conscientiously living the word of wisdom as we understand it we have seen these promises fulfilled. We have been so blessed since we have made these changes but like we said, we're not religious about it. If meat is on the same table as the tofu we're not gonna freak out or if there's a dollop of sour cream instead of non dairy raw cream substitute were not going to go haywire. Food is a social thing and we like being social but we've found that even in Samoa we can be social and vegan and if we can do it here we can do it anywhere!

We're not trying to convince anyone to turn vegan. We know that changing your diet is a hard thing. Believe us, we have! This clip even shows that some people would rather die than change their diet. But we feel great and are so happy with the changes we have made.

Great things come from being vegan. It was actually our carnivore auntie that made us watch this video that first got us thinking about changing our diet. Or check out The China Study. There are a lot of studies and experts out there to back us up but we feel we went to the best expert on the subject. With that said, we're not sticklers, everything we eat we try to do with "prudence and thanksgiving" we are grateful for how blessed we have been since we have made these changes and though you may not make the same changes, we hope that you will share in our joy and support us in what we are doing to improve our lives.

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  1. I was introduced to your blog today... by a friend who recommended I take a look. I too am LDS and have been thinking about going a more vegetarian route. I am not brave enough to go completely vegetarian or (yikes) vegan yet (i love my ben and jerry's and beef jerky too much right now).
    Thanks for this post. It is not often that I find LDS folk who want to be vegan because of WOW purposes and not because its the "cool" thing or the "I'm not going to conform to what my parents think my religion is" thing. Thanks for the post! I will keep reading your blog!