Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 84: Febreze

Do you remember when febreze first came out and you thought it was the best thing since like ever! and you went to the store and smelled all of them picking out which one was your favorite till you had a head ache and then spraying down your entire house with the new miracle cure for stinkynesses? ok...maybe that was just me. I remember being in love with febreze and then finally reading the label....monochemicalsorbate, fenzolchemicalflorum, biochemicalexplotionide....blah blah blah. Not what I want my family breathing matter how good it smells. I knew there had to be a better alternative and here it is.


1 c white vinegar
1 c distilled water
20 drops essential oil of your choice -

I like citronella but then again, I have a bit of a bug problem so this kills two bugs with one stone. It also covers the vinegar smell really well. I also LOVE grapefruit! The main purpose of the oils is to cover the vinegar smell so experiment and have fun with it. Let me know what works for you! I would love to hear your concoctions.

Mix everything together in a spray bottle. Shake well at each use.

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