Monday, July 25, 2011

Bonus: Bed Spray

I mentioned to my husband that I had a recipe for a bed spray. He looked at me with a mischievously seductive smile and said he'd like to try I let him :) He's now downstairs spraying the mattresses and airing them out :)....I don't think that's what he had in mind but I must say, I'm enjoying it.

You're probably wondering what bed spray has to do with beauty week. Well, I'll tell you. Since we became parents I've learned what a desperate part sleep has to play in being beautiful....well at least presentable. Since our son came there has been days of wearing baggy sweats, and baggy eyes all day. I actually day dream about sleeping long enough to have a dream. Having a welcoming bed with the soothing sent of eucalyptus to welcome you to your ever so brief slumber can be a welcoming invitation after a long day of child's play.

This is a great recipe to use on more then just mattresses. Use it on furniture, shoes, carpet....are you imagining yourself like that mom on the commercial that comes across her hubby's shoes and then with one spray she acts like she just had a spiritual experience, has seen the light and wants to leave it all behind and move to the abby and sing in the hills? Ya, this spray is just like that!

Bed Spray

2 c distilled water
10 drops grapefruit
10 drops lemon
10 drops tea tree
10 drops eucalyptus

shake before each use and spray liberally.

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