Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Scrumptiousnessess

It's been great to be back in the land of plenty, all though it has been a bit odd too. We stopped over in Hawaii for a few days and one of our first stops was a real grocery store. We walked in and immediately felt overwhelmed and shocked. We looked at each other and knew we would just grab a few basics and just get out of there. We're getting a little better. I can even handle walmart....though I can't say the same for Matthew. We miss the simplicity and the inventiveness that comes from going without.

While I can't say I'd go back just yet, I have to admit that I'm starting to miss the sunsets and the food, the people and the peace, the laid back life and the ocean.....yes! Especially the ocean. There is just something rejuvenating about the ocean that brings peace and joy just at the sight of it. Oh how I miss the ocean. The colors that come as the sun drowns and the exhilarating rush to watch a storm fight for dominance, as if the sky must prove it's just as deep and holds just as much mystery and power. What I would do to stand on the shore staring and imagining what's on the other side. Whether on this side of the pacific or the other, it, like it's root word suggests, offers a mysterious, empowering peace that I pray, no matter how far from it I may be, I may stir inside me and never let go dry.

But enough with the gushing emotional flood. What I need is some food....ya, I'm an emotional eater....what of it? Here are so great summer meals that are fresh and refreshing and if you spray yourself with salt water while you eat it then you'll be wet and salty....Enjoy!

Monday: Bow Tie Ratatouille Pasta
Tuesday: Veganaise
Wednesday:Relief Society Pasta Salad
Thursday: Celery Salad
Friday: Asian Cabbage Salad
Saturday: Crusted Portobello Mushrooms
Sunday: Nutella

Shopping List

bow tie pasta
vegan parmesian cheese
bread crumbs
portabella mushrooms
canola oil
shell pasta noodles
sesame oil
1 bunch celery
vegan milk

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