Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Apple Plum Pear Sweet and Sour Sauce

I'm sure I mentioned this before but Matthew and I participate in a co-op called bountiful baskets. It really is a great deal! $16 for a bunch of fruit and veggies. There's no way you could get this much produce for that much at the grocery store. A few weeks ago we started getting plums, which is great! we love plums. But after having a bunch of them for 5 weeks in a row we were plum plumed out. Not wanting to waste I searched for a way to preserve them and this recipe came up. If you've ever been to a Chinese restaurant you've probably had this plum sauce. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area so Chinese food was a regular part of my life. This is Delicious and goes great with egg rolls and any sort of meat substitute. It pretty much makes itself!

Asian Plum Sauce

lots of plums
a few apples
a couple of pears
apple cider vinegar to taste
sugar to taste
garlic to taste
onion salt to taste

Your vinegar, sugar, garlic and onion salt depend on how many plums you have so just use your best judgement and taste often while seasoning. Start by pitting your plums and coring your apples and pears. Don't worry about cutting them nice just cut out the core and throw them in a large pot. Cover with water and bring to a boil. Let simmer all day till its cooked down to a saucy consistency. Now season till it's a sweet and sour sauce. This would be great to bottle or store in the freezer if you have extras

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