Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 96: Asian Cabbage Salad

My husband loves cabbage. He eats it in the mornin, eats it in the evening, eats it at supper that a song? Anyway, he loves cabbage (I think he's part Irish) That's why I'm making an Asian salad. :) I love the crunch of this salad and the flavor is fantastic. I'm sure you've had this before and I bet you even have most of the ingredients in your cupboard at this very moment! Who doesn't have ramen noodle and cabbage in their house at all times?

Asian Cabbage Salad

1 pkg ramen noodles
1/4 c sesame oil
2 tb soy sauce
1/4 c rice wine vinegar
1 tb water
1 head cabbage shredded
2 carrots finely shredded
1/4 c sesame seeds
1/2 c sliced almonds
broccoli with stems shredded

This is a great way to use up broccoli stems that are a little to woody to go in other dishes. Smash up the un cooked ramen noodles. Mix the seasoning pkg, oil, soy sauce, vinegar, and water. Pour over the cabbage, carrots, sesame seeds, almonds, and broccoli stems and ramen noodles. Toss well. and serve cold. If you are not going to eat it all that day I would suggest adding the ramen noodles when you are going to eat because they will go soggy.


  1. this salad very healthy and delicious look. awesome posting

  2. Thanks Indian Fashion & Music Masti! I appreci - ate the feedback....ok, that was lame. Sorry it took so long. And I promise I'll be blogging again soon!
    Thanks again! :)