Friday, May 18, 2012

Raw Vegan Kefir

Many of you have read of my great Kefir adventures. When it comes to fermenting and keeping things alive, well, lets just say that it's not my forte. My dad once gave me a plant that he said could not be I really need to go on?Matthew and I tried starting a urban garden on our back patio. It lasted 1 week. I once read on pintrest that you can keep green onions and celery growing indefinitely and continuously harvest from them. I followed the directions precisely and all I had was a pot of Stinky molding sludge. I mourn not inheriting my fathers green thumb. I once mailed him a weed from texas that I had let sit on my counter for a week in a zip lock bag. I thought for sure it was dead when I sent it but when I came to visit he had pots and pots of this beautiful purple vine. He can grown anything...and from experience...I can just about kill anything.
That said, that is why I LOVE this recipe. It's raw, it's vegan, and I havent' killed a batch yet. This is so easy! 3 ingredients and you're done. And Kefir is supper healthy for you. Its said to have come from " the shepherds of the Caucasus mountains and was a gift from Mohammad." It's really that good! Matthew lived in Sweden and got hooked. He often would reminisce about his lovely Kefir in a pathetic longing voice and now he enjoys it once again. I hope you do too.


Raw Vegan Kefir

1 c cashews
1 c water
1/4 c synergy drink (you can get this at any health food store - or you can use any brand of Kumbacha you like)

Blend the water and cashew in a blender till creamy. Once smooth add the Kumbacha and blend again. Place in a glass bottle and let sit in the fridge at least over night but more like 2 days. It should have a slight tang to it. Pour over cereal or fruit. Yum!

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