Friday, May 18, 2012


Several months ago Matthew and I traveled to my sisters house in Salt Lake to stay for a while. We needed a break from St. George and a change of scenery. It's always wonderful to spend time with Jill and her family. She has been changing her family's diet and has done some amazing things. She introduced me to kale chips and I shared with her this Enchilada recipe. It was one of those clean out the fridge recipes...I seem to have a lot of those, what can I say, they get the juices more then one way :) Anyway, her family loved it which is saying something. Jill's husband Mike is not exactly on the bandwagon yet. In fact, Jill, in her wifely efforts made lettuce wraps one night. Mike looked at the wraps, then at Jill, then at the wraps and with eyes pleading looked up to Jill and said, "so, this is our life now huh?" So the fact that Mike ate these enchiladas and enjoyed them is saying something.


1 can enchilada sauce
vegan cheese
brown rice
black beans
chopped tomatoes
1 small can green chilies
chopped green peppers
onion chopped
corn or flour tortillas

Mix everything together in a bowl except the tortillas. In a baking dish pour some enchilada sauce to cover the bottom. Scoop the mix into the tortillas wrap and place in the baking dish. Cover the enchiladas with enchilada sauce and then with foil. Bake in the oven on 350 till bubbly. Let stand for a few minutes and then enjoy!

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