Friday, May 18, 2012

Raw Crusted Portabello Mushrooms

Most of my family has gotten use to the fact that we're vegetarian. While the teasing continues on I've gotten use to that to. They are starting to understand the fact that we're vegan...though I have to explain to them what a vegan is on a regular basis. Now that we've gone raw we've pretty much given up hope and just lumped it in with "you eat weird" category and when we eat together we just bring our own food and pick at what we can. First off we started apologising for how we eat and trying really hard not to inconvenience anyone and when people came over we would make them meat or whatever they would like. After talking with several others we've really realized that we aren't the weird ones. Our culture is so backwards! I better stop now before I get going on a tangent! This is a great recipe to make ahead, take with you, and eat at a BBQ or something.

Raw Crusted Portabello Mushrooms

portabello mushrooms stemmed and cleaned
Raw vegan ranch dressing

Dip the mushrooms in the ranch dressing then in the panko. Place in a dehydrator for 2-5 hours or till you can poke with a knife and it is soft all the way through. I even enjoyed this more then when I did it in the oven! 

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