Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 79: Dish Soap

As a kid my parents were unbelievable, I should have had them committed! They actually made us do chores! Can you believe it? I know in today's society this sounds appalling and on the verge of child abuse but back in my day (man I sound old when I say that) we actually had to do our chores every day. I can't believe what my parents put us through.

One time I was on kitchen duty...ya, the whole kitchen! I needed to start the dish washer but we were out of detergent so I thought liquid dish soap was just as good.....WRONGO! I realized it was not the same thing as I watched a wave of bubbles creep across the dining room floor and into the family room. Mom and Dad were not happy (though my siblings quite enjoyed it) and I was stuck on dish duty " till I could learn to do it right"....really, it's their fault for running out of the right kind of soap. But I must say that I was glad to kill two birds with one stone by cleaning the dishes and the floor at once.

Now, I must insert this disclaimer. This soap is NOT meant to be used in your dish washer. This is liquid dish soap. That said, if you happen to be looking for a night of good clean fun, I say go for it!

Dish Soap
2 c soap flakes or 2 bars shredded ivory soap
1 c baking soda
1 gallon of warm water
1/2 c lemon juice or white vinegar
A few drops of essential oils for scent, if desired


  1. Well, you should be thankful for the chores. That's how we learned how to clean! My friend has asked me to teach her how to clean because she never learned how and she is over 40! Gotta love her though. Pretty cute request.

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